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Thursday, July 3, 2014

008 France knows its priorities

Topics for discussion: 008, Aircraft Trade, Rafale

Mr. Laurent Fabius is the 2014 Foreign Minister of France. He visited India and met Ms. Sushma Swaraj, India's Foreign Minister, in June 2014 and shook hands with her. What for?

Answer: for selling fighter aircrafts.


French firm Dassault Aviation SA is awaiting finalisation of a contract for supply of 126 Rafale fighter jets, valued at $10 billion, Rs. 600 billion. This seems to be pending since 2012. Mr. Laurent Fabius said:
“...we should see with the new government, which is particularly keen about efficiency and implementation of administrative decisions, that (decisions) that have been taken are implemented rapidly. ...”

"...Discussion is developing in a very positive way and ... we are very confident in the final outcome..."

"... It is fair that for complex matters it takes some time, but there is a difference between some time and too long..."

"... The notion of efficiency - which is very important if I understand correctly, in the new government approach - is completely shared by us... "


France will propose a €1-billion credit line over next three years for sustainable infrastructure & urban development in India through French Development Agency.

France may relax norms for issuance of French visa for Indians visiting France. Only 300,000 visitors to France are Indians, whereas total visitors stand at 45,000,000. Just .66% hey!

French President Francois Hollande may extend an official invitation to Mr. Narendra Modi to officially visit France.

ybrao-a-donkey's comments

France is a great business Nation. It knows its priorities.

India may open its economy to foreign investments in defence production sector.

There may be many intractable issues to be resolved.

There seem to be disagreements over cost and work-sharing.

007 Why France's civilian order awards are always conferred on Indian film stars only?

Topics for discussion: 007, Awards, Knight of the Legion of Honour, Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur
Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius presented the Knight of the Legion of Honor Award to the Bollywood Film Star Mr. Shahrukh Khan, at Tajmahal Hotel, Mumbai, on 1st July 2014.

Satyajit Roy ... 1987.
Shivaji Ganesan ... 1995.
Shaji N. Karun (film director) ...1999.
Amitabh Bachan ... 2007.
Lata Mangeshkar ... 2007.
Shahrukh Khan ... 2014.

Not that, Indians belonging to other professions have not been conferred these awards, but their share is less.

Chevalier (Knight) is the lowest. Hence we have to equate it with Padma Shri award conferred in India. There is an impression in India, that Knight of the Legion of Honor is the Highest of the genre. Grand Cross and Grand Master seem to be the highest awards. There are no Indian recipients of Grand Cross or Grand Master.

There is also an impression in India, that these awards are extremely rare. Since their inception in 1803, nearly a million people seem to have received these awards. Hence, these are not rare.

There is an impression in India, that these awards are conferred by French Government with its own initiative and on its own volition. But, my survey on the net suggests that the award seekers have to apply to the French Consulate on prescribed form, and submit required supporting documents.

There is an impression that in England lordships and peerages are conferred on rich foreigners after collecting political party funds or some other subscriptions. In other words, they seem to be for sale.

In France, it is not clear, whether these Chevalier (Knight-hoods are sold formally or informally), or conferred genuinely free of charges, based only on merits. After all, according to Karl Marx, all human relations are financial relations. Every human exchange, should therefore be a financial exchange. Hence, the question of recovery of at least, the out of pocket expenses, such as the airfare of the French Foreign Minister to India, arrangements for his stay in a 5 star Hotel etc, costs of arranging the function for conferring the award, photographers and videos etc.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

006 Burqa and bikiny should be treated equally

Ban on Veil
France has banned niqab and burqa. It started fining 150 Euros on women wearing burqa, in April 2011.

Educated women may have a strong desire to stop wearing the veil. Their parents/husbands may be compelling them to hide themselves beyond limits. Burqas and Niqabs suffocate women.

The Government of France should examine levying the penalty on the husbands and parents of the women wearing the veil. Disincentives and punishments should go to the abetters and inciters and not to the puppets. Taking this philosophy further, the punishments should go to those religious preachers who have been misleading/threatening well-meaning people, in the name of religious traditions.

BIKINIES and SWIM-SUITSWhat useful purpose the bikinies and swim-suits serve, except when a woman participates in a swimming event? Very often, these are worn just to make money by attracting crowds and sales. The original objectives of wearing a bikini/swim suit, such as ventilation, some sun-bathing etc. have lost their utility value. They , now have only provocative value.

The publicity which the President's wife gets by wearing provocative dresses, serves as the best example.Will the French Government prove its sincerity by banning bikinis/swim-suits in public places (other than in sports competitions and films where the stories and themes justify such dress)?

Will the French President pay some token penalty for the lapses of his First Lady?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

005 It is good that France and Russia become true friends

FRANCE : Wants to invest in Russian Natural Gas "GAZprom".
DEDUCTION : Tired of nuclear energy?
Is France worried about the Japanese experiences with the coastal Nuclear Power Stations?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Former French President Mr. Jacques Chirac is involved in a graft case of fake jobs.

1. No wonder.
Will Mr. Sarkozy be an exception? He cannot be an exception considering the present stagnant state of Europe.
France can learn corruption, if it is lacking, from Italy.

Monday, July 2, 2007


EUROPEAN SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES The French President Mr. Sarkozy wants European Small and medium Enterprises to have the same protection which the American Small Enterprises have in their own country.

Mr. Sarkozy is a match for George Bush. But Mr. Bush is not going to stay long. Why does the world's history revolve around the three: US, UK and France?


The French President Sarkozy urged US and China to open up their markets. Bush and Brown want France to open up its markets.

It is like two rams on a narrow bridge, asking one another two give way. Finally they dash one another and fall in the ravine.

Monday, June 11, 2007



Napoleon's sword fetched US$ 6.4 million in auctions.

If Napoleon's sword fetched US$6.4 million, how much would a shroud of St. Joanes (Joan of Arc) will fetch? People of measurable contributions will get measureable amounts. Truly great persons will not leave material possessions and their invaluable sacrifices remain in eternity.